Carey Watters

Carey Watters, is assistant professor of graphic design and typography at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. Her current book and collage work weave together concepts regarding memory, historic map making, and religious and pagan symbolism.  The reliquary as a container of cultural artifacts and personal memories is the overlying theme of this exhibition “Paper Reliquaries”.

 She is a collector of the past, an alchemist and artisan of contemporary craft. Her obsession to detail is noted and admired. She meticulously cuts, folds, sews and adheres many small parts and recontextualizes her collected content to create new narratives. She wants viewers to look at the work with a sense of curiosity and wonderment. This body of work is a direct result of her residencies and travels to Calabria, Basilicata, and Puglia, Italy and her research of Byzantine architecture, design, and religious reliquaries. We are taken back to a history of existing books and maps, pages from the bible, Victorian parlor games, and journals of traveling sales man.


- Amy Misurelli Sorensen, Gallery Director and Curator, UW-Parkside Galleries